Our company aims to be at the forefront of solar energy technology throughout the US and Caribbean. With the help of other companies making strides in their own right, it makes our jobs much easier to further sustainable energy sources. Renewable energy has made significant advancements, and we are looking forward to so much more in the next few years.

What We’re Looking Toward:

Home Additions – The concept of aesthetic solar panels has been in the works for homes. There is the talk of homeowners not liking the idea of solar panels becoming an eyesore on their house. A startup located in Boston has begun the process of making solar panels customizable to the appearance of the roof without sacrificing efficiency or production.

Sustainable Roads – Last year, on the sidewalk next to the famous Route 66, there was trial testing solar-powered pavement technology. The roadways would be able to generate clean energy while also illuminating the roads at night, and having the thermal capability to melt snow. In the future, they will be installed on specific portions on the way.

Solar On-The-Go – With solar-powered devices like watches, there is no surprise that businesses within the industry are trying to incorporate this tech into clothing. Innovation has brought us to appoint in which small solar panels can be stitched into the fabric of clothing.

Batteries – Solar manufacturers are beginning to notice the need to off-grid power. Tesla produced a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that continues to make strides within the industry. They are leading innovation within the industry offering two storage products, for residential and commercial use. Although still expensive, a surge in demand could result in more affordable prices in the future.


Yarotek wants to join forces wherever we can to offer the most beneficial technology for our clients. With various options, we provide solar power as you’ve never seen. We stay informed with what’s going on in the industry to keep our current and potential clients in the loop about what’s going on right under their nose. Our source of information is from an article listed on https://news.energysage.com/. To see which solar power solution is right for you, visit our website https://www.yarotek.com/