The Caribbean islands house some of the highest electricity prices and rely heavily on imported fossil fuels like diesel.  Renewable energy in the Caribbean contributed to around 10% of the electricity that is produced. Many countries in the Caribbean spend a small percentage of their income on oil imports.

With the recent catastrophic hurricanes running through the islands, the supply of energy has depleted tremendously. Because the islands are in a high-impact area for natural disasters, sustainable energy is the most viable option and is supported by residents and local government.

The Need for Renewable Energy in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico suffered severe prolonged power loss after Hurricane Maria for months on end. Because of the tragedy that Puerto Rico went through, other islands have put themselves on alert and are considering a change in energy resources. There has been a conversation about the Caribbean islands seeking wind and solar energy to be worked into their existing grids to fuel their power plants and other.

Most of the money spent by residents is on oil and fossil fuels imports. As the islands brace for a brutal hurricane season throughout 2018, the government is looking for ways to strengthen their power presence with renewable energy.

Why Solar Power?

First and foremost, solar power helps to stop global warming. Solar panels allow users to collect sufficient energy without further polluting the atmosphere. Although fossil fuels have been a reliable source for many years, solar power has come a long way. Caribbean countries spend a majority of their hard-earned money on oil and fossil fuels, but sustainable and renewable energy is soon going to be its replacement.

Aside from those environmental benefits, solar power saves a ton of money, is a more secure way to utilize energy, and it creates jobs. The heat from the sun will consistently be absorbed by the panels put in place for over 20 years.

Yarotek PR, LLC

At Yarotek, our solar-solution company has seen the benefits of solar power energy firsthand in the United States and Puerto Rico. Other Caribbean islands should earnestly consider adopting this stable energy source into their homes and businesses for long-term benefits. Yarotek is multifunctional through coordinating projects, contracting to work sites, and renting some of our panels to clients for our customer’s ultimate convenience.