Renewable energy has already taken the world by storm in the last few years. Microgrids are on the verge of replacing the everyday utilities used in homes, apartment complexes, and businesses around the world. Though renewable technology has seen tremendous progress, microgrids are paving the way for cohesive resources.

What Can Microgrids Bring to the Table?

Energy storage is only one component microgrid capabilities. When operating normally, fuel cell will provide grid electricity; however, during a power outage, it will operate on its own separate from the rest of the grid. Having local control over the microgrids gives people more leniency as to which technology is being utilized. Microgrids are changing the game of alternative power sources by actively balancing energy sources and consumption.

Saving money on energy bills is another aspect that is specific to microgrids, but more so, to renewable energy altogether. In decentralized areas, microgrids provide the opportunity to benefit from solar generation and battery storage. Power is distributed on a wider grid, and is more resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Upcoming Trends

Utilities are noticing the increasing profits in mixed ownership throughout towns that have adopted the power infrastructure. Local communities and businesses have the opportunity to become actively involved in the energy being distributed throughout. Microgrid installation will be determined based on the objective and identify which locations will be best suited for optimum power. Integration in local communities with renewable technology already implemented, will prove to be advantageous economically and environmentally.


Solar power is continually outperforming other energy resources. We focus on incorporating solar power to businesses throughout the Americas is our main focus, along with providing financial capabilities for projects. We believe companies of any size and industry should have the option to gear their energy to renewable selections.