Apple has transcended expectations in the world of technology for many years. Recently, they’ve become 100% powered by solar energy including retail stores, offices, data centers, and facilities in other countries as well. They’re partnering with local solar power companies in the areas that they plan to develop solar power panels as an effort to encourage other expanding companies to adopt renewable energy to power their business. It’s no wonder that they’re making this change to help the environment because of their dedication to innovate within and outside of their company consistently.

Immediate Future Project

Solar Power & Technology Development

Leading the development of new renewable energy farms in Illinois and Virginia, Apple is looking to provide solar energy for other large companies. Both projects are expected to be executed and in working order within two years. Because the cost for solar power panels is at an all-time low, it has become extremely accessible and more sought after. Considering how much money commercial and residential properties save by installing panels onto their homes or businesses, it seems like a lateral move to incorporate photovoltaics compared to solar thermal.

Apple isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon

Now that Apple has proven that sustainable energy with 100% solar power is attainable, the possibilities are endless. Aside from their local contributions within the United States, Apple wants to encourage all their international suppliers and partners to follow their lead. Provinces in China, over 300 rooftop systems in Japan, and 800 rooftops in Singapore are to name a few. The innovating company plans to include suppliers, customers, and devices onto their solar to-do list.

Yarotek PR, LLC

We tip our hats to Apple in their efforts toward providing renewable energy and ultimately replacing the use of fossil fuels and traditional resources. The time to switch over to renewable energy has never been cheaper or more beneficial for businesses. At Yarotek PR, LLC, when we see innovative, technologically advanced companies like Apple taking a huge step into the world of renewable energy, we’re hopeful that regions of the world, like the Caribbean, are going to see a monumental change in their quality of life.