Although the country has made immense progress over the last ten months since Hurricane Maria, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico is still facing challenges with their energy sources. The electricity is at risk of experiencing a shortage if heavy rain or wind disrupts the power lines. As long as that continues to happen, the 20,000 natives will be left in the dark, and without fresh water or air conditioning.

Leaning to Solar Power

Puerto Rico and Solar Energy BenefitsMany local businesses in Adjuntas are looking into the benefits of solar power to turn away from the state-owned power company slowly. Although the numbers aren’t significant, considering the millions of people who are still utilizing the state power, there is hope for the country to make a massive step into the world of renewable energy.

The majority of the solar power supply is dependent on corporations and large nonprofit groups to donate the equipment. Other parts of the country are fed up with the constant outages and are taking matters into their own hands by installing the systems themselves. Tesla installed over 150 solar panels in Adjuntas on land owned by a native electronics technician.

Local Businesses in Puerto Rico Putting It to The Test

Jose Santana, an electronics technician, uses a smartphone to access his solar-charged Tesla batteries and suggests for the government to take a step into the future of Puerto Rico’s preferred source of power, solar energy. Blanca Martinez, a retired bus driver, cried tears of joy at the realization of not having to worry about wires falling out and not having light because of her now solar-powered home.

A nonprofit environmental organization Casa Pueblo installed solar systems into hardware stores, a barbershop and other small shops that will hopefully serve as a charging station for electronics and storing medicine. The barbershop owner, Wilfred Perez, can now open his shop six days a week up to 11 hours a day because of the new solar system. The traditional source of power in Puerto Rico is diminishing, and solar power energy is at a steady increase spanning across one city at a time.


Although our company is based in Aventura, Miami, we have a regional team and office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yarotek sees the possibilities of solar power in Puerto Rico and several other countries in the Caribbean. Local companies throughout the entire country, especially in Adjuntas, are learning about and experiencing first-hand, the benefits and long-term cost efficiency of installing solar power energy into their lives.