Microgrids are on the rise in the world of renewable energy. Although our society is still a long way from eliminating all need for large utilities, power plants, etc. we are taking a step in the right direction by directing the management and consumption under local control. The potential for microgrids has yet to be tapped into, and Yarotek is ready to break the mold by integrating these systems into businesses throughout the Americas.

The Benefits Of Microgrids For Your Business

What Is a Microgrid?

Essentially, a microgrid is a small, freestanding grid encompassing a combination of power sources and a control system for operation. There are different application opportunities for microgrids including off-grids and grid-connected. Off-grid is an excellent option for people who lack power and need access quickly. Grid-connected microgrids give the option to separate from its parent grid in the case of a power blackout.

Why Microgrids Make Sense for Businesses

Ultimately, microgrids offer greater electric reliability by reducing carbon emissions with a combination of renewable energy. Aside from their functionality, they present a route for companies to save money on energy bills and increase reliability. For businesses in emerging areas, incorporating microgrids is the perfect option to take a step in the right direction.

The continued growth for renewable energy implies that more techniques and technology is in the works to make grids more efficient. Once mainly used in the event of a blackout, microgrids are evolving and now gaining thousands of customers to manage their solar systems. With off-grid facility, off-grid community, grid-connected facility, and grid-connected community microgrids, the reduction in cost and fossil fuels is cut, and renewable energy is increased.


Microgrids are only on the cusp of their potential. Ask us about what we can do for your business at Yarotek. With the combination of new technology, the possibilities are endless for microgrids. The switch to sustainable options is becoming cheaper and more diverse, providing selections for businesses of any size and less-fortunate areas as well.