After the detrimental effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria last year, the Caribbean has seen a massive leap in the development of utilizing solar power. Although fossil fuels are the leading option for energy, more countries are incorporating renewable energy into their cities to provide a cleaner, safer alternative.

A year later, those affected by the natural disaster are looking towards renewable energy to sustain a healthier lifestyle. After months of negotiation, PV Energy can now stabilize battery storage to complete their efforts. PV Energy Limited is operating with the local government of Antigua and Barbuda to move toward solar power accordingly. The government has expressed its goal of being completely fossil fuel free by 2020, and now it is possible with the help of PV Energy.

According to Clean Technica, the plan to install a 6.5 MWh energy storage system will be an innovator for the country. The advancement of solar energy has been on hold for the past few years, but now, both the representatives from APUA and PV Energy agree that Antigua and Barbuda will significantly benefit both of these countries. The savings cannot be entirely determined because the cost of the power generation has yet to be decided.

The goal is to have the energy distributed throughout the cities during and after the hurricanes come flying by. Overall, the storage won’t be an issue; it’s more about the solar panels turning off during the storm, and salvaging as much energy as possible to provide multiple towns with sustainable power. The solution that PV Energy is prepared to offer is a semi-mobile power unit that will be deployed after a natural disaster occurs to attend to any devolved power needs, as stated in Clean Technica.


The opportunity for renewable energy within these countries has been a long time coming. PV Energy installing solar panels for Antigua and Barbuda is another step toward sustainable energy for the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a consultation to discuss the possibility of establishing a carport or ground or roof mounts onto your property, visit our website here.