More solar energy companies are incorporating renewable resources into various countries overseas. With solar energy financers like us, it’s easier than ever for investors to control the amount they contribute to projects that supply electricity and power to more deprived areas. Stepping toward a clean future is precisely what we’re all about.


Using solar power could make a world of a difference for farmers in Kenya that rely on electricity to run their farms. With the help of The Sun Exchange, a South African solar energy financer, investors can go online to buy solar equipment that’s leased to rural areas supporting their businesses. Less fortunate communities will have access to renewable energy without having to provide upfront costs. Since 2015, the company has raised around $800,000


The largest private energy company in Ukraine is working to implement the biggest single PV power station in Europe, as stated in a press release on MarketWatch. The project is expected to produce 280 million kWh of solar power per year. The station should be completed by early 2019 and integrated into the power grid shortly after that. The goal is to power over 100,000 households in Ukraine and reduces the carbon emissions by 300,000 tons per year. The government has developed a strategy to increase the capacity of renewable energy to 5GW by 2020.


According to an article in Reuters, Bangladesh is already on the road to surpassing the 10% threshold for renewable energy within their country. Around 5 million small-scale solar systems provide electricity to 160 million people, according to Dipal C. Barua, president of Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association. A new 116-acre plant should supply electricity to about 80% of the power demand and encourage more investment as the country inches leaps toward a cleaner energy source.


A large portion of the costs for solar plants is upfront, and then the operational costs are minimal, giving peace of mind to investors. As a developing and financing company for renewable projects in the Americas, we know how imperative it is for other countries to receive the same dedication to renewable energy as we are. Luckily, solar power is slowly taking over the grid for energy in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For more information on how you can incorporate solar power into your business, visit here.