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Ownership Options

Upfront Purchase

Turnkey Option

Finance Your Purchase

5 to 15 years payment plans

Pay As You Go (PPA)

Minimum terms range from 5 to 25 years

When you enter into a partnership with us to improve the energy efficiency of your facility, you choose the ownership package that best suits your personal or business needs. We offer three options for ownership, all of which can be further tailored to your specific objectives and priorities.

Option 1: We Build It, You Buy It

This option gives you full ownership of the solar panels after installation. It requires a large one-time payment up front, but allows you full ownership, and all associated rights, of the system. As the owner, you then have the option of contracting us for the system’s Operation & Maintenance


Option 2: You Buy It, We Finance

This option also results in full ownership, but with payments spread out over time. Similar to a home mortgage, you own the panels when installation is completed, while avoiding a large upfront payment. Ask us about our 5, 10, and 15 year term options through our Contact page. In this option, you also have the choice of contracting us for the system’s Operation & Maintenance.

Option 3: We Build It, You "Rent It" (Solar PPA / Solar Lease)

This option is the equivalent to a long-term renting of panels. Instead of the usual utility fee, you conveniently pay us a smaller portion of your previous bill on a monthly basis. This option gives you the full use and energy benefits of solar panels without the full responsibility or rights of ownership. This relationship is expected to be a committed, long-term engagement averaging 10-25 years. The longer the term, the higher the savings. As the panels belong to us, this arrangement automatically includes Operation & Maintenance (at our cost) throughout the life of the system.