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How To Go Solar?

AS EASY AS... 1, 2, 3 !





The first step in going solar and decreasing your electricity costs involves a consultation session with one of our professionals. This consultation helps us to understand your energy needs and formulate a plan that works for you.

How does it work?

One of our professionals sits down with you for a brief interview to explore your electricity consumption needs. We will talk about your current and future electricity usage and what you are currently paying for electricity.

Before the interview, it is helpful if you gather electricity bills for the past twelve (12) months. It is also important for us to know the areas in your property where solar panels could be installed, whether or not you own or rent the property, and if rented, the terms of the rental agreement. The more information we know, the faster we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

What do we do with this information?

After looking at the details of your current electricity consumption, our professional consultant explains how our company can provide a better alternative for your electricity needs. We review a range of Ownership Options and design an individualized program to reduce your electricity cost.


The second step in developing your solar-energy installation is the design process. We evaluate your existing conditions and design the most cost-efficient array of solar panels for your physical facility and energy needs. The design of your new photovoltaic system is accomplished in three sequential blocks of work; preliminary design, design development, and final construction drawings.

Preliminary Design

During the initial design phase, your facility is inspected in detail and a conceptual plan is developed to accommodate the proposed solar arrays. Solar panels and inverters are chosen based on cost effectiveness, availability and efficiency.

Design Development

Then the design is further developed to determine wiring schemes and interconnection details to the Point of Common Connection (POCC) to the electric utility main service. Any structural members necessary for the solar-panel arrays are designed at this time. At the end of this phase, the design is considered 80% complete.

Final Construction Drawings

The design plans are completed and submitted to the Electric Power Authority. Once approved, the construction of the photovoltaic system can begin.


The third and final step in achieving your electrical savings is the construction of the photovoltaic system. This final step includes the installation of solar-panel arrays, inverters, protection equipment, transformers, and monitoring equipment to ensure the performance and electricity generated is as expected. We also provide access to a 24-hour monitoring system where you can compare actual performance records to projected performance of your solar panels. Hereinafter, you are already enjoying energy savings!

Operation & Maintenance 

Whether you choose to own your solar panels outright or enjoy a long-term leasing arrangement with us, we are available to participate in the ongoing Operation & Maintenance of your system. Maintenance options vary depending on the type of ownership. If there is a long-term power purchase contract, Operation & Maintenance is included. If you already own a solar system and would like to get our O&M quote, please contact us.